My reading list never shrinks. Not because I don’t read – au contraire! For every book I read, I end up adding at least two more – either because I enjoyed the author so much,[…]

Best Before Never Tour 2016

It’s been five years, but I’m finally getting back to the American side of the Atlantic for a tour! I’ll be performing in 7 cities in the Northeast USA and Southeast Canada: Monday, 8 August[…]

Cyclocosmia – Deadwood

Cyclocosmia is a relatively new project that I have had the pleasure of working on in the past. I call it a project rather than a band, because Cyclocosmia embodies a real commune approach to[…]

My New Controversial Album

Best Before Never was released for less than two months when I concocted the idea for my new album. ´ It was Christmas. We were rushing around getting the meal ready…. or rather, my husband[…]

Dreams and Sprogs

When I was growing up, I adored my mother. My mother could do no wrong in my eyes. She worked at a hospital for 30 years; most of that time she was a receptionist and[…]

Pharmakon – Bestial Burden

I came across a new (to me) “band” quite by accident the other week. The “band” (which I later found out is the solo project of Margaret Chardiet) is called Pharmakon. As so often happens[…]

Dead Animal Foundlings

I have a strange hobby….. I collect dead animals. I don´t actually take their little rotting corpses home with me and cuddle them at night or anything. I take photographs of them. It all started[…]

The Formaldehyde Paintings

Album artwork is important to me. I consider it part of the entire album experience, and in the digital age, I believe now more than ever that the aesthetics and visuals associated with an album[…]

What is Avant-Garde Music?

Avant-garde is one of those terms that is so esoteric that it can become rather meaningless. To add to the confusion, it is a term that is applied to theatre, literature, music, art, architecture… even[…]