Kdo je John Galt?

Last month, I was in Prague. On the tram, heading back to the hotel, I saw an advertisement on a the backrest of a bench that read, “Kdo je John Galt?” Whether you read Czech[…]

“I support the troops!”

There is something that truly irritates me which habitually falls out of the mouths of thoughtless masses, “I support the troops!” “Really?” I wonder to myself. Do you have one living in your house? Are[…]

Women in High Places

I have just read an article on The Telegraph by Isabel Hardman about the obstacles women are still facing in the workforce. I don’t disagree with anything Isabel Hardman has said, but I would like to[…]

The Pessimistic Apathetic

  Following the No More Austerity demonstration in London on the 21st of June there was surprisingly little news coverage. Some claimed there was a blackout. Whilst I am not amongst those who believe there[…]

Do I Support the Strikes?

Today in the United Kingdom there is a massive strike of fire fighters, teachers, civil servants and local government staff. I heard on the radio this morning that around 1 million people are on strike. In a[…]

Then Why Did You Have Them?

William Hogarth, Gin Lane (1751) I have just read an article on The Telegraph website written by a mother who chooses to work whilst a nanny raises her children. She openly admits that having to push her[…]

Fuck You Carlos!

The other week, I was on my way to a friend’s house in London when I saw two mix matched men walking on the pavement towards me. As they drew near, it became apparent that one[…]

No More Austerity

From the march of 50,000 people against austerity. Some people are driven by a need for appreciation. Some are driven by money. Not me…. I’m driven by an addiction to new experiences, and on Saturday,[…]

Three Filthy Words

I have a guilty indulgence.. watching Ted Talks when I should otherwise be productive. My biggest hot-button, crusader issue is US student loan debt, so I am anxious to see a Ted Talk that addresses[…]

Only the Wanted Ones, Please.

My son’s placenta. Yes, we brought it home! No, we didn’t eat it.  Have you ever drawn the connections between the various groups of opinionated masses? Those who are Pro-life and vehemently fight for the[…]