Dead Animal Foundlings

I have a strange hobby….. I collect dead animals. I don´t actually take their little rotting corpses home with me and cuddle them at night or anything. I take photographs of them. It all started[…]

The Formaldehyde Paintings

Album artwork is important to me. I consider it part of the entire album experience, and in the digital age, I believe now more than ever that the aesthetics and visuals associated with an album[…]

What is Avant-Garde Music?

Avant-garde is one of those terms that is so esoteric that it can become rather meaningless. To add to the confusion, it is a term that is applied to theatre, literature, music, art, architecture… even[…]

Kdo je John Galt?

Last month, I was in Prague. On the tram, heading back to the hotel, I saw an advertisement on a the backrest of a bench that read, “Kdo je John Galt?” Whether you read Czech[…]

How to get free ferry travel!

I travel extensively. I’m never more than two months from my next travel adventure. Sometimes my travel is so frequent that I barely get a chance to unpack and wash my clothes before I’m off[…]

“I support the troops!”

There is something that truly irritates me which habitually falls out of the mouths of thoughtless masses, “I support the troops!” “Really?” I wonder to myself. Do you have one living in your house? Are[…]

Women in High Places

I have just read an article on The Telegraph by Isabel Hardman about the obstacles women are still facing in the workforce. I don’t disagree with anything Isabel Hardman has said, but I would like to[…]

The Pessimistic Apathetic

  Following the No More Austerity demonstration in London on the 21st of June there was surprisingly little news coverage. Some claimed there was a blackout. Whilst I am not amongst those who believe there[…]

Do I Support the Strikes?

Today in the United Kingdom there is a massive strike of fire fighters, teachers, civil servants and local government staff. I heard on the radio this morning that around 1 million people are on strike. In a[…]