Why You Should Say You Won’t Vote For Hillary


There is a lot of chatter right now about unifying the left wing voters to vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination. In 2008, I was all for Hillary. I didn’t vote for her only because I was registered independent and therefore had no vote to cast for the Democratic nominee. I was sad she didn’t get the nomination… a first woman president would have been amazing. But, hey, a first black president was pretty amazing, too. It would be Hillary’s turn in 8 years.

When Hillary announced her candidacy for the 2016 election, I wasn’t surprised. It was inevitable, and I was pleased about it. But then, a few weeks later, something incredible happened. Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for president…. not as an Independent… he would be running for the Democratic nomination! A first black president, a first female president, a first Jewish president… these are great things. But then here comes this man, Mr. Sanders, who wants to even the playing field to the point where a black, woman or Jewish president are not miraculous things but normal expectations of a better society.

My allegiance switched. So did my political affiliation, so I could be sure to vote Bernie in the primaries. There is a reason I was never registered as a Democrat before now, even though I almost always vote Democrat and could never bring myself to vote Republican…. because they are just as bought off and sold out as the GOP! The last liberal president was Jimmy Carter, and since then, the entire political sphere has moved so far to the right that neither party actually represents me.  (There are many Republicans with this same complaint about the GOPs move to the evangelical right).

Still, with my switched allegiance, I affirmed to everyone I spoke to that if Hillary got the nomination, of course I would vote for Hillary! Let a Republican in, are you mad?

Over the months, things have escalated. The unlikely social democrat candidate is gaining momentum at a seemingly unstoppable rate. Come to find out… the leagues of the disenfranchised are many, and in Bernie we have a leader for real change.

And the attacks began. Not from the right… we’ve been battling them forever. No. Attacks from the left and from our own team members. It seems to be fashionable to call Bernie supporters naïve. “He can’t get anything done,” they say. I think THESE people are naïve… they don’t know just how corrupt the system is. None of these politicians represent YOU. They represent their corporate overlords, who paid their way into office. Or maybe these people are unwilling to look at it, because their choice candidate is part of that corruption.

Hillary wants to dominate a game of tick-tack-toe by plunking an ‘X’ in the middle square. Bernie wants to crumple the paper up and throw it in the garbage where it belongs. The second player is always at an insurmountable disadvantage, because the first player always takes the middle square. Bernie supporters say it’s a crap game… let’s just not play it anymore.

We’ve gone from being firm Hillary supporters to if-she-got-the-nomination supporters to begrudging supporters. She’s not conducted herself or her campaign in a way that tells us she even cares to have our votes. We are more than annoyed that they repeatedly fail to acknowledge that Bernie is capable of annihilating the GOP, whereas Hillary may not even be capable of winning against them. There are Republicans – Republicans – who would vote for Bernie over their own party nominee. There are also Republicans who hate Trump… but they hate the Clintons more and would vote for that maniac if it meant keeping her out of office.

Team Clinton, continues to ask, “but we have your vote if she is the nominee, right?” And Team Bernie – those of us who are completely energized by the movement – are starting to say, “no, we’ll write in Bernie Sanders.”

Why? How could you split the vote? That’s not how the system works! You are guaranteeing a Republican victory if you do that! – they say.

Well, let me tell you why. It’s not a decision I have come to lightly. It doesn’t have anything to do with anti-feminism or cutting our noses off to spite our faces. There is one very big problem that Team Sanders needs to address and rectify: the overwhelming number of Superdelegates who have already pledged their support to Hillary. Hillary already has an incredible 356! Bernie only has 14. There are still 341 who are not committed. That’s enough to give Hillary the nomination, even if Bernie wins the majority of delegates through the primary elections and caucuses.

Hope is not lost… the Superdelegates can change their minds, and there are still many undecided! I think members of Team Bernie should consider declaring non-support of HRC. Send the Superdelegates a loud and clear message: we are not in this to maintain the status quo. WE WANT TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM!

I urge you to contact any of the Superdelegates from your state and express to them the importance of voting for Bernie Sanders.


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