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Order "Best Before Never Tour" now, because as Terrorizer Magazine once said, TyLean has "haunting vocals, eerie piano and cello, morbid outlook and just the right amount of kookiness."

1. Love Always Dies (Formaldehyde Mix)
2. The Dark and the Blue and the Grey
3. Big Hearts
4. Amputation of a Heart
5. Anodyne
6. Rosalyn (Remastered)
7. Rosalyn (Axeman Jim Remix)
8. Rosalyn a Cappella
9. Death Net Swaddling
10. Crudos Mulieres I. Mictus Cruentus
11. Crudos Mulieres II. Intra Urinas et Faeces Nascimur
12. Crudos Mulieres III. Cupio Dissolvi

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As one radio show host in Bristol, England put it, “if you’re not familiar with this ladies work, be warned. This is not easy listening. Far from it, TyLean’s music makes the likes of Bjork sound mainstream. But please don’t take that as a negative comment. This is very very good stuff, it’s just very very dark. ”

The best part is, when you order "Best Before Never Tour"... you are actually getting 2 albums in 1, plus a bonus track! The album has every track from "Formaldehyde," "Best Before Never" and as a bonus, the new, previously unreleased version of "Anodyne."

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