Collector’s Area Promo

Thank you for joining The Unveiled.... but you are not done quite yet!

You are obviously a fan, so in the event that you are also a collector (or just like tangible CDs), I want to extend another offer to you!

I don't always sell CDs and merch online. Why? - because where I live, it's difficult to get to the post office, and they are hardly ever open, but since I will be heading there to send you your T-shirt anyway, it's no skin off my nose to throw a few CDs in the package.

So right now - and right now only! - you can add some CDs or vinyl to your order! I won't charge you any additional shipping, and many of them are even 50% off.

But once you leave this page, the offer is gone!

Best Before Never Tour CD - $5

Includes all songs from Formaldehyde and Best Before Never, plus the previously unreleased "Anodyne."


The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable (Limited Edition)- $5

Comes with a letter sealed with wax.

The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable album cover (TyLean screaming)

Between 10 and 2 - $5

Includes "Corner of My Eye," "Out of Sight, Out of Mind," "Rosalyn," and "Distractions."


When All Else Fails CD - $5

My first album... including "Unsaid," "Feel," and "Green."

Album cover of When All Else Fails (TyLean in a graveyard)

Es Läuten Die Glocken CD (Compilation)- $4

A limited edition compilation album featuring "Amputation of a Heart" from TyLean´s album Formaldehyde. Also includes a track by Attrition featuring TyLean.

Es Läuten Die Glocken_resized

Compilation Vinyl featuring "Zero" by TyLean - $20

Limited edition... only 2 left!


Limited Edition Number

No thank you, I am happy with just my Lifetime Unveiled Membership and T-shirt.