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“TyLean is beautiful, dark sorrow for eclectic musos”…

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TyLean with arms wrapped around a cello. The cello is wearing a military hat.TERRORIZER MAGAZINE – “Haunting vocals, eerie piano and cello, morbid outlook and just the right amount of kookiness – TyLean’s got all the right boxes ticked.”

SKOPE – “TyLean, has created something here that cannot be matched… The originality factor is turned up high while TyLean dares to be outrageously different…”

BRIAN LUSH of ROCKWiRED – “Whether you see her as a more ethereal DIAMANDA GALAS or a more volatile TORI AMOS, one can’t argue that the gothic chanteuse TYLEAN leaves an impression.”

As one radio show host in Bristol, England put it, “if you’re not familiar with this ladies work, be warned. This is not easy listening. Far from it, TyLean’s music makes the likes of Bjork sound mainstream. But please don’t take that as a negative comment. This is very very good stuff, it’s just very very dark.”

TyLean’s cooing-then-savage vocals can be described as audial terrorism against a background of piano melodies that occasionally fly in the face of musical structure with surprising aplomb.  More interested in re-creating intense atmospheres rather than writing entertaining background music, TyLean’s music is perfectly suited to a solitary night for a personal journey.

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