Fuck You Carlos!


The other week, I was on my way to a friend’s house in London when I saw two mix matched men walking on the pavement towards me. As they drew near, it became apparent that one was a mentally challenged man (who I shall arbitrarily name Brian) and the other was a carer (who I shall arbitrarily name Carlos – even though he was obviously from Southwest Asia, so I should probably name him Mohammed and statistically I could be right, but I’m sticking with Carlos).

Brian was happy as Larry and saying hello to everyone he passed. He said hello to a woman standing at a bus stop when Carlos tilted his head down in embarrassment and said in a low voice, “okay, that’s enough now.” At which point, Brian, without skipping a step or breaking the big grin plastered on his face casually replied, “fuck you.”

Indeed… fuck you Carlos! Brain is a happy-go-lucky guy who just so happens to also be mentally challenged. If he were a suave businessman, everyone would see his gregarious personality as charming. The irony is that Brian genuinely means, “hello, how are you, beautiful day today, etc.” The business man saying the same “hello” would probably be trying to lower a person’s guard to transition into a sales pitch. If anyone has a problem with Brian saying hello, it is a problem that exists within themselves!

Brian put a smile on my face that day, and in fact, he puts a smile on my face every time I think of him. I will remember that man until the day I die.


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