Dead Animal Foundlings

I have a strange hobby….. I collect dead animals.

I don´t actually take their little rotting corpses home with me and cuddle them at night or anything. I take photographs of them. It all started when I was living in Bristol, England, and whilst walking alongside the canal, I came across the most curious thing… the wingspan of a bird with all of the feathers attached but the rest of the body and bones picked completely clean as carrion. I had a fancy new phone that had a camera built right into it (this was circa 2008, and I´m slow to adapt to communication technology in any case). I absolutely had to take a photo!

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I was no stranger to coming across rotting animal corpses, but I never took much notice of them. With that first “Dead Animal Foundling” photo (which my sick little mind loving calls “KFC”) I had triggered something in my mind. I became fascinated and completely tuned into the presence of dead animals. Whenever possible, I took photos and ferreted them in various photo libraries and hard drives.

Then, when I was in Salzburg, Austria (doing my Mozart pilgrimage), I came across one of the most exquisite of my collection! Right there in Mozartplaz was a decapitated bird otherwise fully intact. More impressive, however, was the pattern of the blood splatter, which (to me) looks likes the beginnings of a treble clef.

I decided to dig out as many of these Dead Animal Foundling photos as I could find and share them with the morbidly inclined. I recently made a video for youtube set to my track “MirrorrorriM,” which I think accompanies it nicely in strangeness.

“MirrorrorriM” is from my album The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable, which was an experimental album that was recorded in one night in front of a live audience, but with all of the starts, stops and fits of a typical recording session.

Click here for a free download of “MirrorrorriM”.