My New Controversial Album

Best Before Never was released for less than two months when I concocted the idea for my new album. ´

It was Christmas. We were rushing around getting the meal ready…. or rather, my husband was rushing around while I was looking after the baby and the 4-year-old. In the background, we had Christmas music on… as you do. And it seemed every other song, I was jumping up to skip through a song, or two, or three. It´s not that I didn´t like those songs! Some of them were my absolute favorites! They are just so damned…. “babyjesusie.”

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Yes, we are atheists. (I was once an extremely devout evangelical Christian and have read the bible, but that´s a story for another time. I mention it only to say please, don´t waste your time if you wish to preach to me). Quite simply, I don´t want these indoctrinating influences in my children´s lives. It isn´t just religion… negative body imagery, violence, consumerism, sexism, racism… the list goes on. I can´t control these things in the world, but I can control the environment in our own home and try to steer them toward rational thought and a mindset that questions the world around them. Religious stories and songs are not welcome in my house, the same as Disney “Princess” movies, toy guns, and pro-violence franchises (such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and GI Joe). And if I had daughters… Bratz dolls over my dead fucking body!

As I was skipping through these “babyjesusie” songs, I was sad, because they are part of our culture. And they are great songs in any case! So I had a thought… what if I re-wrote secular lyrics?

And so the album idea was born, and I decided it would be this year´s musical project! I also like the idea, because I´ve always been a rebel rouser, and every year when the media starts the “War Christmas Campaign” I get extremely annoyed and launch an opposing campaign to educate the masses. Like it or not, the fact is that Christmas is an assimilated holiday, because celebrations on the equinoxes and solstices are not specific to any religion… they belong to all humanity, and everyone has a right to celebrate any holiday in any way they please, so long as they hurt no one in the process. If you look up the history of where most of our Christmas traditions come from… you´ll find most of what you do to celebrate comes from the Pagans!

The album is totally traditional… just with new lyrics. So whether you are a fellow atheist or perhaps you are not but happen to think that everyone has a right to celebrate and be merry in their own way, please donate to the campaign. The album is already written and mostly recorded, but with your support now, I can put together a beautiful CD that would make a lovely Christmas gift!

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