Only the Wanted Ones, Please.


My son’s placenta. Yes, we brought it home! No, we didn’t eat it. 

Have you ever drawn the connections between the various groups of opinionated masses? Those who are Pro-life and vehemently fight for the rights of a foetus tend to be from the same group of people who use the phrase, “spare the rod, spoil the child,” as though abusing children – who they consider idiosyncratic beings with rights in the womb –  is not only a right but a responsibility. This group also tends to believe in the death penalty, oblivious to the fact that judicial systems are flawed and are especially prone to errors during death penalty cases when emotions are so flagrant they waft in the air.

Of course, the opposite is also true. I am Pro-choice…. in fact, I take this a step further. I’m Pro-abortion, because I believe that only children wanted for the right reasons should be brought into this world. There are hospitals in the United Kingdom that will not tell expecting mothers the sex of their unborn child, because they are in areas with large Muslim communities. Muslims will abort baby girls… and I see this as no bad thing! Baby girls born into an extremist Muslim household are not wanted and born into a wretched existence.  If I were a pregnant woman trapped in the Islamic faith, I would see abortion as the humane thing to do.

There was recently a case in the UK where a woman was sued for compensation (on behalf of the child) for drinking whilst pregnant. The child, now 6 years old, was born with developmental problems as a result. The case was calling the pregnant woman’s drinking whilst pregnant a crime of poisoning under section 23 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.The case was won on a local level but then appealed and overturned on the grounds that “an unborn child is not a person in law and therefore no criminal offence could have been committed.”

Pro-choicers saw this as a victory, fearing the wider implications of considering a foetus a person and removing a woman’s right to choose. I’m Pro-choice, but I see this as a huge failure. Fearing abortions being made illegal is clouding judgement.

I don’t believe that it is a slippery slope to admit the responsibility of a mother to her unborn child. Any woman who has an alcohol problem or simply fails to see the health or her unborn child as more important than her own recreation fails to qualify under my policy that only wanted children should be brought into this world. If the woman doesn’t want the child enough to overcome her alcoholism or refrain from recreational drinking, she should abort… or better yet, use contraception! The moment a pregnant woman decides that the foetus in their womb will be brought into this world, she inherits the role of mother. A mother protects her child and does everything in her power to make sure they are healthy and well looked after. No one in the United Kingdom can claim ignorance of the dangers of smoking and drinking whilst pregnant. Therefore, any woman who continues these activities is wilfully harming another human being.

You may have noticed that I never referred to the woman being sued for drinking whilst pregnant as a mother. She is as much a mother as a rapist is a father. A pregnant woman who chooses to have an abortion is more of a mother than this woman… at least the woman who knew she was unprepared to fulfil the role of motherhood (or whatever reason led to her decision) considered the welfare of the foetus inside her that had potential to become a human being.


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